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  • Date: Thu, 28 Jan 2010 11:07:32 -0700

This may help:
Voice Profiles

The Global Voices and Individual Voices profiles in JAWS have been updated to 
closely match functionality available in MAGic 11 and later. These profiles
let you create and save speech rate, pitch, synthesizer, language, punctuation 
level, and other speech options. Use the Default and Application radio buttons
to apply the voice settings as new JAWS default values or as voice settings to 
a specific application. For more information about these items, open the
JAWS Help file, select the Using JAWS book from the Table of Contents pane, and 
then open the Voice Settings book.

To open the dialog box for either voice profile, choose Options (ALT+O
) from the JAWS application window, select Voices (V
), and then select Global Adjustment (G
) or Individual Voice Adjustment (I). To change voice profiles on the fly, 
press INSERT+CTRL+S to open the Select a Voice Profile dialog box, and then 
a profile from the list.

Language Menu Changes

The Synthesizer Language and Change Synthesizer commands have been removed from 
the Language menu in the JAWS application window and been replaced by the
Voice Profiles command. This new command lets you select and instantly switch 
to another synthesizer and voice combination that you set up as a voice profile.
For more about voice profiles, open the JAWS Help file, and refer to the Global 
Voices or Individual Voices topics. These topics are found in Voice Settings
in the Using JAWS book.
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  Hello listers:
  Let us say that I hhave a document in French and only for that one documentt 
I want to change the rate thee voice speaks I want too read it slower than it 
does in other documents or applications, for instance the french documents, 
what do I do what is a command to change the speechrate for that particular 
document or documents in jaws 11?
  Also I want to add another profile, let us say that i have eloquence english, 
but I also want to make another profile eloquence french what do I do?
  What i tried was to go to the basics, voices, voice adjustments but there I 
could select only existing profile and not to add new one. So what shall I do?
  many thanks for your help.

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