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I must have missed the originator message.

Dave Carlson
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Subject: RE: prosody
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That is right  and the person who sent it knew all about it, I looked it up
later and see its roots are Latin and greek and you know those Greeks had a
word for everything didn't  they ?  why so much got into  computer lingo
baffles me a little

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Subject: Re: prosody

1. (linguistics) The study of rhythm, intonation, stress, and related
attributes in speech.
2. (poetry) The study of poetic meter; the patterns of sounds and rhythms in

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Subject: prosody

Prosody is the word,it is not so much Jaws but the speech engine you use and
the inflection ect I will spare you the very technical information it was
just I couldn't remember the spelling the person I asked knows just about
everything but will explain in technical manner and I think most of you most
likely knew regards Dorothy

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