Re: problem with Jaws 8 muting keys

  • From: "Jake Joehl" <jajoehl@xxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Mon, 25 Feb 2008 14:00:40 -0600

It is also possible to change this setting via the JAWS Config manager. Just 
hit JAWS key plus 2 on the numbers row. You'll want to go into the default 
config manager if you want keys muted for all programs, and to get there hit 
control+shift+D while in the JAWS config manager. This will bring up the 
default config manager, then you need to hit alt+S to get into the options 
menu, and hit Enter on the first set of options that comes up. This is the User 
options dialogue, and tab until you get to key echo. Hope that helps some 
more.Once you've adjusted the setting the way you like it, tab to the OK button 
and click it. Hit alt+F4 to save and exit config manager and you're done.
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  From: G.W. Cox 
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  Subject: Re: problem with Jaws 8 muting keys

  Troy, Jaws key plus 2 on the num row changes the typing echo setting. Also 
you can change it with Jaws key V, then T for typing echo and toggle among the 
settings with the space bar.
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  From: Troy Burnham 
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  Sent: Monday, February 25, 2008 8:39 AM
  Subject: problem with Jaws 8 muting keys

  Hello All,
  I have muted a bunch of keys under the configuration manager in the default 
  for Jaws 8 but the keys are still being spoken when I press them.  Can 
  anybody help?

  After I muted all the keys I wanted to the first time and found out that it 
  didn't work I went back to verify that they were muted and they were, and I 
  have tried shutting down Jaws and restarting it as well as totally rebooting 
  with no success.

  I don't know if this has anything to do with it but I had Jaws 8 installed 
  recently but it was freezing on some web pages so I uninstalled it and went 
  back to Jaws 7.  Jaws 7 was doing some stuff that I didn't like either so I 
  reinstalled version 8 and that's when the problem mentioned above started 
  happening where the keys are muted in the configuration manager but they are 
  still being spoken.

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