Re: please help: jaws issue with a program

  • From: Adam <adam.daou@xxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: jfw@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Sat, 26 Nov 2005 00:46:48 -0500

Hey Mouki,

I have tested Jaws and XP not with Quickbooks but with another Point of Sale program. Here is my advice for Jaws users regarding accessibility with any Windows application:

1 Check to see if your application's programmer has provided any keystrokes for the visually challenged customer via the Help menu or in one of the application folders. If not, send them a friendly email regarding accessibility, and let them know that it's not complicated to do that, and it takes just a few minutes for the programmer to include keystrokes in the source code.

2 If the application code is designed properly according to Microsoft standards, please use Windows keystrokes prior to struggling with Jaws ones. If Windows cannot do the job in some cases, try Jaws keystrokes. You might have to rely on the mouse pointer (Jaws cursor) to accomplish some tasks.

3 If your program is well known and used by many Jaws users, someone out there may have designed scripts for it. So google around or ask any Jaws related list.

Finally, I personally don't like the scripts solution because, as a programmer, I don't see why we have to struggle when it's so easy to follow some basic accessibility standards. In the old days, sighted programmers could not trust the mouse device because it often failed without notice. So they came up with keystrokes not for the visually challenged persons but for themselves to do the job. Now, we have a question: if they did it for themselves because the keyboard is an another input device able to replace the mouse, why did they refrain from including keystrokes in today's source code. Any new type of mouse can die suddenly. Moreover, the monitor could collapse without any warning. I notice this almost weekly and it's really good to know Windows and Jaws keystrokes in order to survive and hopefully, get the job done well and faster. Naturally, we assume here that the screen reader knows what it's doing.

Anyway, try the 3 steps suggested above and do your own assessment.



Mouki wrote:

I was just writing to know if any one is able to help
me. Again, I am using Jaws for windows 6.2 on a
windows XP computer. I am using this stuff for work,
and we use "quickbooks point of sale", and I wanted to
know how, if any at all, accessible it is.
Thanks for your help.

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