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  • Date: Mon, 28 Jul 2008 17:15:51 -0400

I think you mean to look for the "reading pane" submenu under the "View"
menu; when inside it, choose the "off" choice.  Just clarifying a bit.


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        Go to the send folder, alt v, arrow down to read and in the sub
menu make sure the check is on off. The check indicates what is active.
Then go to alt v again and make sure that auto preview is not checked in
the view menu.
        Note; to remove or de activate a check just hit enter on the sub
menu you wish to check, or in the original view menu for example auto
preview which has not sub menu just hit enter on it and the check goes
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        Subject: outlook 2007
        Hi All
        I got my new laptop with Vista business on it.
        I moved over from Outlook 2003 and 2000 to Outlook 2007.
        I have a question.
        When I for example have sent a message and I check in the send
folder, there is a list view where it shows that the message was sent.
        However, the actually message also remains visible.  How and
where can one turn this off or close it?

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