norton and jaws 7

  • From: "curmudgeon les" <one2three4five6@xxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Tue, 18 Oct 2005 04:42:07 -0700


At home have hp, pc 

Xp home edition

Norton 2003 anti virus only

Installed jaws 7 no problem

But laptop, dell 9300,

Xp pro edition jaws pro,

Norton internet  security 2005

Have had to reinstall jaws 7, several times

Can not have it start up at boot up

Have jaws 6.20 start  instead

If I do, have 7 start up

I get a message from Norton


Norton Internet Security2005

Program Control

graphic 119  High Risk graphic 427 

Alert Assistant

JFW.EXE is attempting to connect to a DNS server.

Show Details

What do you want to do? graphic 840 Always allow connections from this  gram on 
all ports


No matter what I do

Allow, block or try and manually configure 

Or just close the pop up

It kills jaws

And will not allow me to turn   any version of jaws on,

And will not restart or shut down

I have to do a hard shut down, by holding the power button for 7seconds to shut 
down and restart the computer with jaws 6.20

And if I switch to 7

It does the same thing

Kills jaws




If I start up with jaws 6.20

Then go online at home dial up,

No wireless service available or DSL available

Then switch to jaws 7

Everything is ok jaws 7 runs ok

Have done this a dozen times

With the same results




Any help greatly appreciated



Crazed and confused in Calabasas



Les subotnick


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