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some cards to let you record from the midi synth and if your card
supports this then you can use goldwave for this.  

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     Roden!  Accessible MP3 and Wave to MIDI programs really don't exist
because no programs do this effectively yet.  The formats are totally
alien to each other.  MIDI is instructions as to what instrument on your
Sound Card to play, what note, for how long, how intensely etc.  Playing
a MIDI file is a little like playing a roll on a player piano.  Think of
it this way.  An audio file is like a cake.  A MIDI file is like a
recipe to bake a cake.
     The list referred to by Keith is MIDI-MAG.  You can subscribe by
sending an email to listserv@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx and in the body of
the message put the line "subscribe midi-mag "your name"".  It's a
fairly technical discussion regarding music production equipment and
     Now this has gotten way off topic.
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