RE: listening to JFW 8 info on the web

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  • Date: Sat, 14 Oct 2006 10:14:07 -0700

First of all you need to tell us what web site you went to we are not mind
readers and then we can help



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I went to the web site that someone on the list said to go to and click on
the wednesday link to hear the latest news on upcoming JFW 8.0.  On this
site, after  I clicked on the wednesday link to listen to this info on jfw
8.0 nothing happened, I did not get any recording teling me about jfw 8.0, I
got no response.  On this site, is there a program I must download first and
install first, to make it possible to listen to any prerecorded info on this
site, such as the jfw 8.0 info for example?  If I have to download a program
first to listen to these prerecorded llinks, can someone plese help me out
and let me know what program I need to download and where I can get it from?
and any info on how to setup this downloaded program would also be greatly
appreciated.  Thanks in advance for any help on  this.




Take care


Hank Merchant Jr.



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