RE: key describer in jaws

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  • Date: Mon, 16 Nov 2009 20:13:30 -0800

if you are set up as a laptop keyboard you do the following;
hold down the caps lock key and hit the number 1 on the number row, or hold
down the insert key (the real insert key which is with deleate and page up
and down and home and end) and the number 1 on the number row.
on the laptop keyboard the caps lock held down is the jaws insert key
tapping the caps lock twice turns caps lock on and tapping it twice turns
caps lock off.
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Subject: key describer in jaws
I have a new Asus netbook with windows 7, and I've loaded jaws 11 on it. I'm
unfamiliar with the keyboard. 
Is there a hot key in jaws to allow me to press keys and jaws tells me what
each key does?

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