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Oh my gosh, you're right...somehow, I thought I had experienced that typing 
those letters simply added them to the document, but it works with the newsline 
attachments! Great! Thanks. 
    I have created a document in wordpad to keep a list of books from the BARD 
site that I want to read, and in that, I can't find a way to jump from book to 
book (heading to heading). 
So is there a way to do it in that kind of document? 
        A related question: on a site that has headings at different levels: is 
there any way to differentiate between those heading levels? 
Thanks again. 
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  to get from heading to heading press h, as many times as you want headings to 
  press l for list
  p for paragraph
  i for item
  if i remember correctly, karen

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    Subject: finding headings

    Hi, all, 
        Sometimes, I get newslind to e-mail me an edition of a newspaper when I 
want to read things and don't have time to read them before the paper 
disappears from newsline. 
        Since I'm not on the internet when I read these e-mailed papers, the 
commands to jump to headings do not work, so it's very difficult to navigate 
around the paper. 
        How does one jump from heading to heading or paragraph to paragraph or 
section to section and such like in these documents? 

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