Re: another folder for "my music"?

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 If I understand you correctly you do not want to back up the music.? You just 
want to put it in a separate folder.? 
If you are using windows XP you can move the music from your my music folder to 
the shared music folder. Move the files using the windows explorer.
Next step, if you are using windows media player. You will need to tell media 
player that you want to monitor the shared music folder.? To do that you open 
up the options menu and select the library tab.?? From there select Monitor 
folders and browse to the shared music folder. 
If you use the Rip function you will also need to change where the files are 
ripped to. 
Media player should recognize that the files no longer exist in your my music 
and remove those from your library.? Then it will find the new files in the 
shared files and add them to your library.? 
You may be able to hasten the process by doing a search for files.? 
After you do this you will be able to back up your my documents as you were 
able to previously. 



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Subject: another folder for "my music"?

Before I started keeping a "my music" folder I 
always put my entire "My documents" folder on a CD.? Now, with "My Music", 
I cannot because the music takes up too much space on the CD.? Is there 
another place to keep my music?? If so, How do I put it there?? Then, 
how can I access it?? Thanks, Judith


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