Re: What's Going On With Mobile Facebook?

  • From: Sue B <sueb@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Fri, 05 Mar 2010 07:09:05 -0500

Yes, isn't working. It isn't a JAWS problem. It might be practical for everyone on this list who is concerned about this to open the page and before you even log in there is a link called: Help Center. Once there click on the link called Accessibility (someone here might be able to think of a better option, but this is the one that I used). Go down the page several paragraphs and you'll see a section called: How can I report a problem with the assistive technology I'm using? With in the paragraph below this heading there is a "Link Here" to report a problem. I clicked it and used the form that loaded to explain that isn't working. I know that it isn't a JAWS problem, but this seemed to be the most practical way to let them know that it is JAWS users who are most discontent about the problem. If anyone reads the Help Center page and comes up with a different approach please share it. The problem really does seem to be related to a bug in the page. I have confirmed, without a doubt, that you get the same error if you don't have JAWS running.

Sue B.

On 3/5/2010 1:46 AM, katherineschulz6266@xxxxxxx wrote:
I'm not using IE8, so I can't tell you.

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So why did this just start happening today? I have been using IE 8 for a couple of months, and had no problem with Mobile Facebook until this morning. I just tried accessing using Firefox 3.6 and had no problem loading the home page, so this problem is apparently limited to IE.

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    I have had that since last fall.  Someone said it depended on what
    version of IE you have, but I'm not certain about that.

    *From:* Gerald Levy <mailto:bwaylimited@xxxxxxxxxxx>
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    Hi listers.  This morning, when I attempted to access the Mobile
    Facebook home or log in page by visiting, I
    unexpectedly got a file download dialog instead which didn't make
    any sense, because M.Facebook is a web site, not a file.  The
    regular Facebook and Facebook lite web sites seem to be okay, but
    I prefer the mobile site because it seems to be the most JAWS
    accessible.  Did something with M.facebook suddenly change
    overnight?  Can anyone explain what's going on?  Thanks.

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