Unzipping files in Windows XP

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To use the built-in unzip of windows xp, open the folder that contains the
zipped file.  Arrow down to select the zipped file.  Alt-F and down arrow to
Extract All, ENTER.  Enter again on next button.
Enter once again on next button. Enter on the finish button.
The unzipped (or extracted) files will now exist in a folder that is inside
of the original folder, And this containing folder has been given the same
name as the original zipped file without the dot zip extension.  This folder
will be displayed and in focus.  Up and Down arrow to hear the files, and
there you go.  You can copy and paste these files to wherever they belong,
or open them up like normal.
At this point, you can also delete the original zip file, as it is no longer
necessary.  ALT-TAB to the original folder where the zip file lives, then
select the zip file and delete.
Remember that this process creates a folder within a folder, so it may be
confusing at first.  But once you get used to it, it is a rather quick

Don Holm

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