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  • Date: Sun, 25 Jan 2004 13:11:03 -0500


Here is the URL and steps I went through to down load the version of Jaws I=
am now using without any authorization disk, key or like authentication:

I installed this version of Jaws on this new computer January 8th, and have=
left it on over night many times and for hours on end with no termination=20
of program, nor need of any kind of Jaws authorization.

Too my Friend Debbie, installed the same version on October 31st, last and=
never turns her machine off.

She too has not had to have any authorization whatsoever; And that likewise=
was a new machine.

I first went to


Once there, I use my tab key and go down approximately fourteen or so tabs=
until I get to:

Photo of a person holding a JAWS CD wallet
JAWS=AE for Windows 5.0 now released

*JAWS 5.0 What's New and download information
JAWS 5.0 news release

Where I inserted the star above is where I hit enter to get me to the next=
page on the web site.


I went down about sixteen tabs and landed at:

Features and Enhancements in JAWS 5.0 release
List of Authorized Serial Numbers
*Download JAWS 5.0 now

Obviously at the same star marker I hit enter to get to the next page and=

Here I am at an offering of an FTP, which I went through the normal down=20
load and save to desk top process.

Once on my desk top, I re-started my computer, and then form the desk top I=
ran the normal installation process; Meaning the automatic install.

Ever since, I have Jaws working.

I can use Microsoft Word, Internet Explorer, Eudora, and numerous other=20
programs with the version of Jaws.

As far as I can tell, this Jaws 5.0 works with all programs and is fully=20

I wonder if I just got lucky as has my Friend, or what of this?

How about some feedback please?

Thanks & Regards,
L.D. Yooman

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