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There's a JAWS component to this answer. However, I'm confused by your 

As you say, once you bring up a Google search results page and click on a link, 
you can return to the results page with alt-left arrow. However, I don't 
understand why you would then use the alt-right arrow. That would only return 
you to the page you just linked to.

Here's what you need to do. On the standard Google results page, there are up 
to ten search results. You can reach them one by one by pressing the letter h 
for heading. If an item interests you, press enter on that link. If you then 
choose to return to the results page, press alt-left arrow (as you do now) and 
continue down the list of results with the letter h.

Does this answer your question?
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Hello List,

I have become interested in finding out what happened to specific people in my 
past. When searching in Google with internet explorer, I am often taken to a 
specific website when I enter a person's first and last name. The website is 
usually not where I wish to go. I can alt and left arrow out of the site and 
back to the search page in Google; however, I can't seem to go anywhere else. I 
thought the alt right arrow took you forward, but apparently not. How do I get 
to a results list in Google from this unwanted website that comes up associated 
with the name I typed in the Google search edit field?

Thanks for any suggestions.

Vicky Lynn Golightly

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