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Hi Alicia,
Here's the settings I think you can try.
go to the Configuration Manager by pressing JAWS+PF2, followed by the letter
C.  Press enter.
This will load the Configuration Manager for the application you are in
To get to the default Configuration Manager which will affect all
applications, press CTL+SHIFT+D.
Press alt+S to go to the Settings Menu.
Arrow down to Text Processing.
Tab a couple of times and you will see two settings:  one for numeric date
processing and one for number processing.
I am not sure which options will get you the results you one but you can
change them and then try reading a date.
After each option is set, tab to OK and press enter.
Press alt+s to save.

Barbara Anne 

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hello Everyone,
My son got on my computer and changed a bunch of things the other day. I
like to have dates spoken like this:
May twenty second two thousand eight
However, when I type a date JAWS says
may twenty second second zero zero eight. 
does anyone know how to set the configuration manager back to its defaults
or how to fix it.
I am using JAWS 10 beta with XP. 
Any assistance is appreciated.

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