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I don't believe you got clear answers to your two questions.

First, your message copied below went to the list, not just Judith.

Second, for some reason, listers keep repeating that the reply to sender key combo is different from what it actually is, which is insert-shift-r. Perhaps the control key substituted for the insert key in version 7. I'm not sure. But that isn't the case in JAWS 8.

Two notes. First, some listers think the key combo isn't working for them for reasons that I believe I've identified. JAWS is inconsistent in this instance. Sometimes it places the focus in the message field and sometimes in the "To" field. I can discern no reason for the inconsistency. You need to give the insert-shift-r command a few moments to take effect. Then make sure you determine where you focus is and confirm that the message is addressed to the person intended in the "To" field. The shortcut for reading the "To" field is alt-3. (Not numpad 3, but number row 3.)

Second, when you press insert-shift-r, JAWS copies the "To" field to the clipboard. It confused me because sometimes I copy material in advance to paste into a message. Now I press the reply to sender command before copying the text I wish to include in the message.
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From: "Roger Bachelder" <bachelder3@xxxxxxxxxxx>

Hello Judith,

I've tried to do the Control, shift, R, once before, and it didn't work. I don't know if I need to make a setting change in outlook somewhere. Here is another try with the same combination. I hope it worked. And if it didn't, do you have any suggestions? Unfortunately, I won't know if it worked until I send the message. Either way, thanks for the information.

Take care, and enjoy the weekend.

Roger Bachelder

Roger, there are actually two ways. The first, that has been gone over on this list several times, is with the keystroke control shift R. The other is do a control R, tab down to the original message and see the email address of the sender. You can copy this into the send field of a blank message and proceed. If using this method please be aware of a few things. When copied directly from the original message there might be a . or > sign in the address. Before tabbing to the subject line, if any of these characters exist, delete them, your email client will not send them with these things in the address. HTH, Judith
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From: "Roger Bachelder" <bachelder3@xxxxxxxxxxx>
To: <jfw@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Sent: Sunday, January 21, 2007 12:16 PM
Subject: RE: viewing your c drive

Hello Yardbird,

Can you post to the list, how someone could email another lister, off list, without having to ask for there address on the list?

Take care,

Roger Bachelder Stacy, Glad that what I wrote for you looks helpful. My email address is yardbird@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx and if you like, I'll explain how you could have emailed me directly, off list, without having to ask me my address. Feel free to write me with any questions you may have.

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