Problem reading numbers with decimals in Wordw ith J 6e: beginning to think that JAWS 5.1 is more stable than 6

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  • Date: Sun, 9 Jan 2005 13:24:04 -0500


JAWS 6 De fault.jkm does not appear to  have the   script keystrokes
assigned.  and once   I assigned  the required  keystrokes, they do not

I provide the instructions so  others  might try it.

This is frustrating as JAWS 5.0038  had the  say whole  number with decimals
set  correctly  *by default*  and F S told me  it would  work by default
this time.

I  am  putting  these isnstructions for modifying

Default.jkm   as the reading

whole number as single unit does not work after doing
 F S' own  instructions to set keystrokes so    reading numbers with
decimals  in Word   will work as  it  did  since 1998 excepting   5.1.

The url gives example of problems reading numbers in  Word requiring
numerous extra keystrokes to do 1 simple thing and the fix.

I present he 2003 F S  instructions as Keybaord Manager's  location changed.

I do  not post daily and making numbers in Word read right means
efficiency, eliminating 900 unneeded keystrokes and sore hands.

If  better instructions to fix this problem exist, then F S should provide

2003 Instructions (per url)

"  "JAWS 5.0 or later
 JAWS 5.0 or later already has the Numeric Data scripts in to the default
 scripts. To assign keystrokes and use them, do the following:
 1. " select "Keyboard Manager" and press ENTER.
 2. In the Keyboard Manager, select the "Default" key map file from the list
 of options and press the TAB key.
 3. Press N then press DOWN ARROW until you select the script
 4. Press CTRL+A to add a keystroke to this script. Press the keystroke you
 want to attach to the script, such as CTRL+INSERT+RIGHT ARROW.
 5. Choose the OK button.
 6. When JAWS asks you to confirm your changes, press ENTER.
 7. After you have attached the keystroke to the first script, press DOWN
 ARROW to select the script "NumericDataSayPriorAsSingleUnit."
 8. Repeat steps 4 and 5. You can assign the keystroke "CTRL+INSERT+LEFT
 ARROW" for this script.
 9. After confirming the changes for the second script keystroke, exit
 Keyboard Manager by pressing ALT+F4.""

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