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Carol and All,

    I don't have to give a password when XP comes up and my tech 
didn't type in one when he was here, so that may be why I'm "New 
user."  I did find a post on creating a new user ID, but it seems to 
involve a password and I'm not ready for that.

    I'm still not quite sure if I should follow the instructions from 
an old post:

"Just for information and to let those know that do not know, there is 
real reason for us to have to remember the exact path where scripts go
because Freedom scientific gave us a shortcut to both Enu folders and 
to the
program folders.
To access these shortcuts:
Go to your start menu, all programs, Jaws60 submenu, Explorer Jaws 
and in there you will find three shortcuts!
Explore my settings; hit enter on this and you will be in the Enu 
found in the main user folder.  Also referred to as your personal 
Explore shared settings; hit enter on this and you will be in the Enu 
found in the all users folder.  This is where all of the default 
scripts are
Explore program files: hit enter on this and you will be in the 
for the Jaws program files.
So, to add scripts, open the scripts and copy them to the clipboard.
Go to either the Explore my settings or explore shared settings 
found in the Jaws 60 folder, open it up, and then just paste the new

or to modify the Helpful Hint on backing up the Settings\enu folder on 
the JFWlite page to fit the new path for JAWS 6.0, or does it matter?


"Carol Pearson" wrote:

Hi Margaret,

My settings are

c:\documents and settings\all users\application data\freedom
scientific\jaws 6.0\settings\enu

It's a bit daunting at first when you go into XP but you'll soon get
used to the layout, including the fact that this path, or similar, 
often be used.

If you don't find "Margaret" then you'll probably have something else
that's often used, such as Default User, Customer, or something like 

If you find it difficult to get to, you may like to use the "Find"
feature and search for JAWS 6.0.  (I only have one folder with that 
and you probably do as well.)  Once you're there you can press the
"in-context" key, or Shft+F10 and select "Go to folder".

Hope this helps a bit.


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Hi All,

    I'm having a terrible time so far with my XP machine with SP 2 and
am feeling a bit like Alice in Wonderland.  I'm not even sure I can
even find the correct path for the settings\enu folder for JAWS  6.0.

    From previous posts on the list I think it should possibly be:

C:\documents and settings\all users\application data\freedom
scientific\jaws\6.0\settings\enu Or C:\documents and
settings\(username)\application data\freedom
scientific\jaws\6.0\settings\enu (where (username) is your computer 

    I seem to have:

C:\Documents and Settings\new user\Application Data\Freedom

from explore your settings.  In
C:\Documents and Settings

I only have:
All Users
Default User
New User

and there doesn't seem to be a "Margaret" for the computer name or at
least I haven't found it yet.

    Is "New User" supposed to change to "Margaret" at some point?

    I'm the only one who uses the computer unless sighted assistance
is required.

    I'd be extremely grateful if someone could help me get
straightened out with this.


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