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You talk about problems downloading OmniPage and converting PDF files in the same breath, so it's hard to understand what you're asking. A few thoughts:

1. I had great difficulty registering OmniPage once downloaded, which itself is a simple procedure. If registering is your problem, I suggest you call Nuance's customer service at 800-654-1187. The man I spoke to was very helpful.

2. If your problem is with conversion, don't even bother opening OmniPage. Instead, put focus on the file, don't open it, and press the applications key. Arrow down to OmniPage, press enter and arrow down to see your options.

3. I use OmniPage 17. No reason you shouldn't have the current version.

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Hi, all.

A computer tech where I work informed me today that she tried to download Omnipage 16, to see if it would help me read scanned PDF files, and she had no luck in doing so.

I have been busy with grants and funding proposals, and have not been able to try the program myself yet, but I am wondering if we are missing certain steps to make the conversions happen.

She said also that she had tried to download a demo of Omnipage 17, thinking that that might work better, but she couldn't find a link to the demo.

Do you guys have any suggestions as to how we might proceed with Omnipage and the PDF conversions for scanned image PDF files?


Tom Behler in Colorado
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