Re: OT, how to report problems to Freedom Sciantific with bugs etc

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I'm glad to see another Magyar person on this list, Dávid.

All the best.
Ecaterina (Kati)
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  Use this link:



  On 2010.09.09. 10:05, Daniel McGee wrote: 
    hello everyone, as my subject line says I would like to report a problem 
with Jaws to FS regarding windows live mail the 2009 version. But the problem 
is how do I do that? lol Before I go on, this is  what I do. I go to open the links list hit the letter C until I hear jaws says 
"contact us" Enter on that link and arrow down the page to a email address 
which is a link that's called " Genral Infomation email" hit enter on that link 
a new window opens and there is a form to fill out which I do and type in my 
problem/comment etc. Is this the right place that I am going to let them know 
about a bug comment etc?  
    As to windows live mail I am finding that jaws can read the fields like to 
subject date etc but I find that when you tab to them you can't arrow through 
them I don't know why jaws is not able to retreave this infomation. I am awear 
that reguards to the contact name that's its a button so I don't know how they 
would get around if you wanted to look at it from letter to letter or word to 
word. But the reason I am describing this isbecause yesterday I sent an email 
to someone about letting them know I had gotten into this college but I was 
going to send it to two people but I had only one of     there email so I asked 
if the person I had the address to could forward it onto to the person I didn't 
have the email address to. So basicly when I got a reply from him he put it 
into the ccb field or one of them I'm not sure which but basicly with Jaws by 
the way I'm using the Beta of Jaws 12 it couldn't get into the field so I hope 
this is a perfect example of why jaws isn't working correctly in this area of 
    Has anyone else notice this problem with Jaws? I haven't tryed jaws 11 cos 
I am using the beta of Jaws 12. But would very much like to hear everyone's 
experience with windows live mail 2009 with Jaws. 
    Many Thanks  
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