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Right from jaws help system.

Track Changes in Word
JAWS can detect and announce any insertions, deletions, formatting changes, or 
comments made to a document using Word's Track Changes feature. Other 
associated tracking functionality includes accepting or rejecting changes, 
displaying a list of revisions, and moving the cursor to the selected revision. 
See Track Changes with Braille to configure JAWS and Word to view change 
revisions when using braille. 

Track Changes Revision Announcement
With the Track Changes option, JAWS informs you of revisions found throughout 
your documents. You have several choices of how to hear the revisions. Press 
INSERT+V to open the Adjust JAWS Options dialog box, and then use first letter 
navigation or your arrow keys to move to the Track Changes option. Use the 
SPACEBAR to move through the different settings. 

Several choices are available for this option. 

  a.. Do not detect revisions. The option is turned off. 
  b.. Speak revision type. JAWS announces the type of revision made, for 
example, inserted text or deleted text. 
  c.. Speak revision type plus count. JAWS also announces the revision's 
placement in the document. For example, if this is the third revision, JAWS 
says third. 
  d.. Speak revision type and author. JAWS also announces the user name of the 
individual who made the revision. 
  e.. Speak revision type and author plus count. 
  f.. Speak revision type, author, and date. JAWS also announces the date the 
revision was made. 
  g.. Speak revision type, author, and date plus count. 
Accept or Reject Revisions
In Word 2007 or later, press ALT+R, A to open the Accept split button for 
revision options. Press ALT+R, J to open the Reject split button for revision 

In Word 2003, use the Accept Change or Reject Change buttons in the Reviewing 
toolbar to keep or refuse revisions in the document. JAWS automatically reads 
each revision in context as you move to it. You can also hear the revision in 
context by pressing INSERT+C.

Press INSERT+SHIFT+R to display a list of revisions. Select a revision within 
the list, and press ENTER to move the insertion point to the selected revision.

Press INSERT+ALT+R to toggle revisions in a table on or off. 

Track Changes in Virtual Viewer
To view a list of revisions in the current Word document, do the following:

  1.. Press INSERT+SHIFT+R to toggle on Track Changes. 
  2.. Press WINDOWS Key+SEMICOLON. The Items to Display in Virtual Viewer 
dialog box opens. 
  3.. Select Revisions from the list and press ENTER.
  JAWS searches the document for revisions and shows the results in a Virtual 
Viewer window. 
Note: You can also use the Items to Display in Virtual Viewer dialog box to 
view a list of comments, endnotes, or footnotes in the document. When viewing 
these items, it is not necessary to first turn on Track Changes. 

Track Changes with Braille
Word's revision tracking feature with braille works for any refreshable braille 
display that supports Flash messages. When the PC Cursor is in revised text, 
the letters I and R display in the third and fourth status cells to indicate an 
insertion. The letters D and R in the third and fourth status cells indicate a 
deletion. If only the letter R appears, the Flash message indicates a revision 
such as a style or attribute change. Pressing the Cursor Routing button above 
the letter R for any revision will show the revision type, author, and date. 
Also, when you navigate into revised text, the Braille Cursor on your 
refreshable braille display changes to a blinking DOT 8. When you move away 
from the text, the status cells no longer display revision information.

To take advantage of using Track Changes with braille, make sure to do the 

  a.. Open the Adjust JAWS Options dialog in Word (INSERT+V), and set the 
Document Presentation option to Screen Layout. 
  b.. Turn on Flash messages. 
  c.. Use the Final Showing Markup or Original Showing Markup display settings 
in Word. 
  d.. Use Draft View in Word 2007. 
  e.. Use Normal View In Word 2003. 

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  Hey guys,
  I just started a new job where I need to review tracked changes in word 
documents. I've never used them before, can anyone please help me out? I need a 
crash course. Thank you in advance!

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