RE: Jaws and Reading Text, finding first words in line and sentence

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  • Date: Wed, 23 Jul 2008 11:08:17 -0700

There are several ways to reach the beginning of a line or sentence.  The
home key takes you to the beginning of the line.  As for sentences, there
are both JAWS and Word approaches.  With JAWS, alt+down arrow moves to the
next sentence, alt+up arrow to the previous one.  In laptop layout,
jawskey+y, h and n navigate and read the previous, current and next
sentence.  With Word controlling, in 2007 and I suspect in earlier versions,
ctrl+shift+page down moves to the next sentence, and the page up equivalent
goes to the previous one.  Word also includes keystrokes, unassigned by
default, to let you select to the start of the next sentence.  
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Subject: Jaws and Reading Text, finding first words in line and sentence
I can't believe I am asking this as it is so basic.  But it seems as if I
have had issues with basic reading of text, especially in MS Word, since I
upgraded to 8.0 [I realize the current is 9.0]
I am an author and currently working on a manuscript, this is why reading
text is so crucial to me.  I spent about an hour on the 'help' menu last
night, but got nowhere.  The problem I am having in reading text is very
elementary, I cannot find the keystroke to go to the beggining of the line,
nor at the beginning of a sentence.  While I use the up arrow on the numpad
[8] to find the previous line and the down arrow on the numpad [2] to go to
the next line, the curser lands on a random word and I have to fumble with
my left and right arrows to find the exact word that I want my curser on.
The help menu said to use 'home' [7]to land on first word of the line, and
Alt, plus up arrow on the keyboard to find the first word of the sentence,
but when I do this nothing happens.  Actually, when I use Alt+up arrow, it
brings me to the first word of the next paragraph.  I often have to do a
word search to find the exact word, which is cumbersome.  Believe it or not,
I am an advanced computer user, but editing my writing is becoming really
challenging.   While I know essentially all of the keystrokes for reading
text, finding the first word in the line, as well as the first word in a
sentence I am on has been challenging.  These are crucial navigational keys
for editing text in an efficient manner.  Again, I use Jaws 8.0 with Windows
XP and MS Word.  I really would appreciate a reply at early convenience.
Brian J. Hubbard, LICSW  

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