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  • Date: Thu, 30 Jul 2009 00:21:00 -0600

Thanks Gary.  Sometimes I forget to look at the app's helpsystem.  
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  The reason you can't find Alt+n in JAWS Help is that it's an Internet 
Explorer keystroke not a JAWS keystroke.

  Gary King

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    When you hear Jaws say "popup blocked" and the popup sound:  Press alt+n 
then the context or applications key to bring up the menu for popup blocker.

    This works for IE7.  I don't know about IE8.

    There really should be a popup blocker under the tools menu but it might be 
different in IE8.

    I don't know where the alt+n jaws keystroke is documented.  I think it 
brings focus to the information bar but couldn't find it anywhere in Jaws help.

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      From: Dave Mitchell 
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      Subject: JAWS & Pop-Up Blockers

      Hi,  On occasion various web sites deny full access and advise via a 
dialogue that further access is being denied  due to blocking of pop-up content.
      I have used the cursors to work around this problem with varying degrees 
of success.
      Is there a setting somewhere that can give me control of access when I 
encounter these blockers?
      Thanks for the continuing education,  Mitch

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