Re: JAWS Announces Heading Number on google Results page

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Michael, thanks for the additional tips, which I will use.

As for your point about FF, I'm sorry to say you're right. It's become clear to me, especially with JAWS 11, that FS is giving vastly more support to IE (in my case IE8) than to FF, which is why I recently and reluctantly changed my default browser to IE.

Note. I haven't downloaded the latest iteration of JAWS 11. Does anyone know if it handles FF better?
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You can also set google to show you more results per page. The choices are 10, 20, 30, 50, or 100 and you can set your preferences by clicking on search settings on the main google search page.

I tried what you said about using insert+8 while on a heading on a google results page to get the result number and this only worked for me in IE, on FF it just repeated the heading text and heading type, but did not additionally say the google result number.

I learned a few good google tricks from the Google It! tek talk radio show. For example, you can have google return for you only results within a certain web site, by typing in after your search words site:www.whatever the site name (no space before and after the colon). This is useful if you're having trouble finding with Jaws something in a huge web site. Using the site command will at least bring you to the right page on the site, then you can insert + f to find where the key word is within the page.


At 10:09 AM 12/21/2009, you wrote: I'm writing about a useful feature I discovered this weekend. I'm not referring to headings being announced at level 1, 2, 3, etc. Instead, I've discovered that JAWS can be made to announce how many headings have been read on the google results page.

As everyone knows, google displays ten results at a time. I usually lose count by the time I get near the bottom, and so my next press of h takes me back to the top instead of letting me go to the next page of results. However, if I press the "say line" (insert-8) command on a heading, it will indicate which result number I've reached. When I hit "10," I know to arrow down to get to the next page of results.

Maybe others on this list will also find this feature helpful.

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