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      sounds like an interesting group
  won't have to worry about the topic, it is a new group just started today.
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        This invitation expires in 7 days. Thursday, 21 July 2005 - 4:35 PM GMT 
        yapikachu@xxxxxxxxx has invited you to join the blcompusers group!   
                    Blind Computer Users

                    This is a group to discuss hardware and software that blind 
or visually impaired individuals might use with a computer. It is open 
discussion so covers any question a person wishes to ask. Some areas covered 
include: JAWS, WIndow Eyes, Kurzweil, Open Book, Goldwave, Total Recorder, 
Nero, Windows, Outlook Express, and Word. Those are just examples and not 
                    In this group we will discuss configerations, hot keys, 
shortcuts, problems, how to do questions, and anything else a person wants to 
dealing with computers. 
                    While there are several other groups which deal with 
specific topics this one is open topic as long as it relates to computers. 
Suggestions from members are always welcome. Links to help sites, interesting 
places, and downloads may also be sent through.
                    There will be NO bashing, complaining, or adult only 
content allowed. If you receive an email you do not wish to read delete it. If 
you feel the urge to be rude do not post to this group. All replies will go 
through the group. 

        Join this group!  

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