Re: Hi is Open Office accessable with Jaws?

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Writer works pretty well, but not nearly as well as Microsoft Word. It's best to open Writer directly, rather than using the OpenOffice control panel. I'd probablyh use OpenOffice writer in desperation, but it's not particularly accessible.

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I've heard nothing but problems with people trying to use that with JAWS.
Granted I don't know of anyone who's tested it with the very latest version,
but that seems to be the trend.

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Subject: Hi is Open Office accessable with Jaws?

Hi everyone, I was just wondering is the free open source "open"
accessable with Jaws? My computer crashed a while back and I havent
installed it. I installed it once but I notice that jaws couldn't read the
dialog box such as the one when exiting a document that you haven't saved or
you have made changes to. Also the thing that made me completely stopped
using it was the ssay all command in jaws. I press it and Jaws only red one
line! I installed the Java platform and the access bridge that requires it
to work. Am I missing something here? I mean it could be something that I
need to do in the writer programme it self? and does anyone know how to sort
out the say all command as I said before it just red one line! When I was
typing a few sentences to see how it would work with Jaws. I think it would
be a pritty good programme to use if it was tweaked abit reguarding
accessabilty. Any big or little infomation anyone has is most greatful!

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