RE: Here I am once again!

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Hello Marissa,
The ">" sign is placed all over the message. You know that, every word has
that sign sometimes at the beginning of the word, at the end or sometimes
the word is inside the two ">" sign.


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Hey Jouie,
How are you? I think you are talking about the signature option in Outlook.
WHen you say a symbol do you mean a signature? I think you have to go into
the options menu and shift tab until you hear Jaws say signature. Then you
tab through the list until you come to zero. I don't know if that helps, or
even if that makes sense. I hope I've helped. If I haven't, let me know and
I'd be happy to try again! well have fun!

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When I was using outlook express, somebody suggested me that I should go to
the option that tells about your message format. The problem of mine that
time was when I read messages, I'm getting irritated of the ">" symbol. They
told me that the sender maybe sets that option. When I checked mine, it is
not activated. Now my question is, now that I'm using Microsoft outlook
2003, where can I find that option ? The option telling that the message you
are sending has ">" sign with it. I realized that my sent E-mails have that,
because when I receive a reply from the list members, ">" sign is in my
message. I don't want them to be irritated too. Can you read this message
with your screenreader clearly? 
>I >>want you>> >to > help >me>>>>>>>> >on>>>> this>>>>>>>>>
>>>>>>>>>>>>problem>>>>>>> >I'm>>> having>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
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