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Hi all,

I re-joined this list after a long gap a few weeks ago and have enjoyed
reading the many posts and helpful insights.  I thought I'd throw in
another problem or two!  . . ..

Well, the first is a bit of a mystery to me and actually has been going
on for the last few versions of JAWS though is considerably worse with
JAWS 6.0.  (I may try 6.1 soon.)

The first thing I noticed was that in two programmes I use - GOLDWAVE
and FAMILY TREEMAKER - I was having a problem where, when these
programmes were loading, the mouse appeared to be bashing on all sides
of the window.  The noise I hear is the same one you get when you cursor
to the first or last message in Outlook.  At the time I first noticed
it, my computer was fairly new and so I took a good deal of time to
check the mouse settings, try lots of different ones and try to
eradicate the situation but without success.

Well, now that I'm using JAWS 6, it appears worse and the noise is
really annoying.  In some cases too this does crash the computer.

I did follow some help given for GOLDWAVE but without success.  If
anyone has suggestions about this then I'd be grateful;  otherwise it's
another of those annoyances "here to stay" for a while, I guess.

The second problem, although not so serious, again is a nuisance one,
especially as it crashes my computer.  I reached a record of three times
in just a few minutes last night as I explored unfamiliar pages.  Sadly,
I can't give URLS as they all related to my specific accounts online.
Because I didn't know the pages well and was too tired to take in
information very quickly, I was reading line by line.  As I neared what
I think was towards the end of these pages, without warning something
felt odd as I pressed the down arrow and JAWS disappeared.  This was
considered to be a Windows problem, or at least one which Microsoft was
prepared to allow me to fill in a report form about.  Is anyone else
experiencing this with JAWS?  I suppose I jjust have to avoid reading
line by line which, incidentally, I don't very often do as I'd much
rather fly round the pages normally.  However, one should be able to
read the page in whatever is suitable for the moment, so it's worth
bringing this up, I think.

Thanks for any help anyone can give on these two issues.


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