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I'm not exactly sure what you mean by two different things.  But say for 
example somebody posted a problem that when they used windows media player, 
they got an error about trusted sites.  I might start by typing the 
following in google

+"trusted sites" +"media player"

So use the + sign for more than one thing and then put the string in quotes.

You can use as many + as you want.  a minus in front of a string would mean 
to find matches EXCEPT for things that contain that.

You can string + and - searches together.

INSERT+F6 will bring up a list of headings.  Is that what you were after? 
There are a lot of other keystrokes  listed in the jaws help system for 
various things to do with headings.


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Subject: Google search and JAWS keystroke

    Hi All,

1. When you are doing a search on Google.  If you wanted to search for
two different items at the same time.  How can you do this?

2. Using JAWS 7.0.  In Microsoft Word 2003, when using the JAWS quick
keys.  How can you bring up a list of headings in a word document?

Thanks for help on both of these subjects

Steve & Shannon
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