Re: Downloading Adobe 7

  • From: Bill <>
  • To: jfw@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Fri, 24 Dec 2004 14:48:56 -0500

terry any time you want to down load a file its usually much easier finding 
it on the f t p site.

personally after using adobe 6, and found it could not read books i had 
bought that had no copy protection on them, well after that i got rid of six.

why it could not read my book is beyond me.

went back to 4.

realize 4 requires a few steps to be set up after installing 4 and 4 access 
plug in.

found adobe 4 reader on jfw lite to be the older 4.0 and not the 4.05.

though the access plug in up their is 4.05 on jfw lite.

so went to the adobe ftp site and found 4.05 reader  and 7 up their a month 

left 7 behind until i here good things about it.

after you get their pick pub, short for files for public download.

then pick adobe.

this same trick works for most software companies.

p s one might think adobe would do a better job making their readers 
backwords compatible with older adobe files.
the book i bought, sound forge 6 power,  is actually a new book but it list 
it self as working with reader 4 and 3 so it was probably created with an 
older publishing tool.

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