RE: Adobe Flash Player Installation Query

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  • Date: Wed, 28 Jul 2010 11:27:32 -0600

I did pretty much what you did yesterday afternoon when the update screen
appeared on my computer. When the screen disappeared, I went to the control
panel, found the adobe Flash Player and Jaws told me that the date on it was
yesterday's date. So it must have installed.


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It took a week for this Adobe Flash update message to reappear, but it just
did. Thanks to Roy and the others who helped. Still, it wasn't smooth
First, insert-b gave me no new information. I still had before me an
unlabelled button and the other saying simply, "Q."
Following lister advice, I clicked on the non-q of the two buttons and was
presented with a screen of three buttons. This time one was unlabelled, one
said "Q" again, and the third said "I." If "Q" stood for "quit," I figured
"I" must stand for "install." I clicked on it, after which a third screen
appeared with the "I" button again. And again I pressed spacebar on it. The
screen went away, and I'm left with no idea whether the installation
I thought the people at Adobe got the whole accessibility message.
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well q is "quit" and the unlabeled one is the one you need to activate the
install. Roy
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Subject: Adobe Flash Player Installation Query
Hi. I keep receiving a message on rebooting my computer that Adobe wants to
install a new version of its flash player. Unfortunately, it doesn't appear
consistently or else I would have had someone sighted look at the screen.
the first appearance shows a clear "Install" button, which I click on.
However, the next screen shows two buttons, one with no label and the other
with the unhelpful label of "Q."
Can someone tell me what these two buttons represent?
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