Re: Admin: these unsubscription requests.

  • From: "James at work" <james@xxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: jfw@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Fri, 29 Feb 2008 17:33:43 -0500 (EST)

That one's still the best to get a hold of me, usual disclaimer about life
and its curve balls applying.

List Admin
On Fri, February 29, 2008 16:53, Richard sherman wrote:
Hi James,

would you please confirm that the best email address to contact the list
admin is


Or is there a better email address to use.

Thanks in advance.

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From: James at work
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I've been nice about it before and that hasn't done much. Starting
effective as of... well, the last unsubscription request to hit the list
in the last couple days, any and all requests to be unsubscripted that are
sent directly to the list will be ignored. If you want to leave, the
instructions for doing so are at the end of literally every message the
list delivers to you. Make use of them. If you don't understand them, mail
me privately and I'll arange something. If you don't want to contribute
anything to the list except unsubscription requests, you can be placed on
moderated status easily enough. And you'll still have to follow the
unsubscription instructions at the end of each and every message. To
everyone else, replying to these "unsubscribe me" messages only encourages
it. I'd encourage you to do one of two things. Either make judicious use
of your delete key, or create a message rule to do so for you. There are
plenty of tutorials available on doing the latter depending on your mail
client. Let's try and bring something resembling constructiveness to the
list's postings from here on out, okay?

List Admin

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