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What are document presentation settings,and what's their purpose?

?  What is screen setup mode, and what is its purpose??

What do you mean by saying that the revamped site is jazzy?  Are you seeing 
it visually, and saying that it looks more excitingly designed this time?

Isn't it possible to use Audible Manager any more, so that if you go to 
download a book, you're advised that you must first download, install and 
configure the new Audible Manager and, somehow, disable or delete your 
current Audible Manager?  if so, is the installation difficult and 
complicated, as was often the case with the versin of Audible Manager I 
of A Manger

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I again went online to the audible site. The website is now pretty jazzy. 
The links work well, and the site is responsive and makes more sense to me 
than earlier in the week.

I even played with the document Presentation settings, and found going 
through tables in the screen setup mode works pretty well; especially when 
you are dealing with a list of over 200 books you want to locate in the 

Audible Manager is a different story. You have to constantly switch between 
JAWS and PC cursors to get around the site, and often I find myself some 
place else. I'm sure there is an easier way to get around than what I'm 
doing, and hope someone finds out how!

What kind of sucks is that you can no longer go from Manager to the website. 
No link there, even for sighted users.

And we are missing a bunch of buttons that could help us navigate better, 
but what else is new.

Hope FS techs can help us out.

Happy reading!

         - russ.


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