ANSI Re: DEC-Talk Access 32 Re: Discussion with Eric Damery

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    However, I am still a bit confused.  I had been under the
impression that ANSI had something to do with a character set and had
never heard it referred to in conjunction with a program or maybe,
more correctly, a utility since DEC-Talk Access 32 is a synthesizer.
Could someone help straighten me out if I've been laboring under a

"Horspool, Matthew F." wrote:


What the message means is the ANSI version of JFW (981), not the ANSI
version of DECtalk ACCESS32.


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From: "Margaret Thomas" <iluvtoread@xxxxxxx>
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Subject: DEC-Talk Access 32 Re: Discussion with Eric Damery

    Is the ANSI version of DEC-Talk Access 32 the old HJ version or
the GW Micro version?

"Gene" wrote in part:

I just received a phone call from Eric Damery of Freedom Scientific
and he
asked me to pass on some information.

1. The Access 32 issue has been identified and is now in private beta.
issue was a build issue using Unicode. If you are using the ANSI
version of
Access 32 it should still run correctly. FS has repaired the problem
and it
will be available soon.

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