[jaws-uk] Re: Desktop annoyance

  • From: "Tink Watson" <tink@xxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Tue, 12 Jul 2005 13:41:41 +0100

    This could be a Jaws, rather than XP issue. Check the following:
1. With nothing open on the XP desktop, press Insert 6, to open the
windowsos.jcf file.
2. Press alt s, and select the User Options menu.
3. Tab to the Screen Echo setting.
4. Make sure that Highlighted text is selected.
    It's possible that it may be set to echo all text, which is one cause of
this problem.


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Hi List 
I have just upgraded to XP SP2 and all security updates etc.  All seems to
be OK apart from when on the desktop, as I arrow through the options, Jaws
is reading out the previous icon as well as the one it is on.  
I have gone through the optimising of XP as instructed in the help files.
However, are there any settings specificaly for the desktop, if so I didn't
see them.  
As always, any help most gratefully received.
Regards ... Scott 

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