[jala-dev] ANN: Jala 1.2

  • From: <robert.gaggl@xxxxxx>
  • To: <jala-dev@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Mon, 9 Jul 2007 13:59:19 +0200

Hi everybody,

we're proud to announce the release of version 1.2 of Jala. This release
contains a number of enhancements and bugfixes, but first of all an

Due to the ongoing stability and performance problems of our former
hosting provider opensvn.csie.org we decided to move the project to a
new home. From now on you'll find Jala at https://dev.orf.at/jala, so
please make sure to update your bookmarks. If you have a local svn
working copy of Jala you'll need to replace it with a fresh check out:

svn checkout http://dev.orf.at/source/jala/branches/release-1.2 ./jala

With release 1.2 Jala got three new modules, most important Stefan's
fabulous Form.js [1]. If you're tired of creating HTML forms and
validating/handling submitted form data over and over again, you'll love
Form.js. Have a look at the documentation [2] for more information on
how to make use of it in your applications.

Second, also developed by Stefan, Jala now includes Mp3.js [3], now
featuring easy read *and* write access to metadata stored in ID3 tags
(both version 1 and 2). This library replaces Mp3Info.js.

Other changes in Jala 1.2 include a new Database module for easy
creation and use of embedded in-memory and file-based relational
databases. Using this module the Jala unit test framework is now capable
to switch an application to an (optionally pre-filled) in-memory test
database during the runtime of a test.

For more information about the above and all other changes please point
your browser to https://dev.orf.at/jala/wiki/Download. As usual this
release comes with complete API documentation [4] and detailed
description of all available modules [5], which should make using Jala a
breeze. We hope you like this new release as much as we do.

kind regards,

[2] https://dev.orf.at/jala/wiki/JalaModules/Form
[4] http://dev.orf.at/source/jala/branches/release-1.2/docs/index.html
[5] https://dev.orf.at/jala/wiki/JalaModules/

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