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> From: John Schild <john@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
> Date: Wed, 27 Jun 2012 11:11:48 +0100
> Subject: [iyonix-support] Ageing Iyonix - startup issues.
> My January 2005 Iyo (Panther), in daily use, has started showing its
> age. On cold start it has ALWAYS hesitated "waking up" the monitor,
> occasionally needing a reset button press to bring the desktop to the
> screen. It now invariably needs this reset action at least once, and it
> is not always effective. The new state of affairs is that pressing the
> reset button brings on the hard disc light but the boot sequence stalls
> at this point, the light still showing. Switching off and on again at
> the main switch restarts the boot sequence and wakes up the monitor.
> After this the Iyo runs without further trouble unless I generate an
> irrecoverable error, at which point the reset button fails as above.
> The PSU and graphics cards are the originals. The monitor is an Iiyama
> dual VGA input CRT which is entirely happy on Windows PC input. At this
> point I have not opened the case to re-seat the graphics card and check
> power lead connections. Will do so when I can afford the risk of making
> things worse.
> The purpose of this post is to ask for guidance on the most likely
> suspects - presumably PSU and graphics card? Grateful for any feedback.
> Thanks.
John Schild startup problems much the same as mine. Iyonix X100 made 
2004, purchased 2005. Startup shaky at start, got worse. Now, once 
started everything else works properly. Power pack checked & seems OK.
Normally when power on and I press the start button, nothing happens 
except the green power LED comes on. Sometimes it gets to a beep, but 
no signal to the screen.
By accident I found that the following rigmarole gives a perfect start 
every time (about 50 starts tried). This is what I do now:

1. Power on and press soft start button, green power LED lights 
nothing else happens.
2. Leave it like this for 5 or ten minutes while I do something else.
3. Now power off, wait 20secs for disc to stop spinning.
4. Power on again, press soft start button
The machine now goes through the proper start procedure to a loud beep 
and we are away.
Worth a try?

Best wishes,

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