[isapros] Re: Network Classification voodoo?

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This is primarily for humans.
ISA/TMG doesn't really care other than for network rule processing.

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Subject: [isalist] Network Classification voodoo?

So, when you create a network in ISA/TMG, it asks you what kind it is so that 
it can make some sort of classification as to the trust level: i.e. "Perimeter" 
vs "Internal" or whatever.

What does on in the "background" when this determination is made?  Meaning, if 
I create network Foo and call it Internal and then create network Bar and call 
it Perimeter, does TMG "do something" to the rules or relationships that I 
don't know about?  I've never really worried about it, but something odd is 
happening in particular config and I'd like more infoz on this.   Most 
importantly, if TMG *does* do something, is it something I can override?



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