RE: Virtual SMTP server forwarding to smarthost on non-standard port?

  • From: "Jim Harrison" <Jim@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Mon, 25 Oct 2004 06:19:46 -0700

To answer your questions:
1 - ISA has no SMTP services
2 - IIS and Exch SMTP services (same-same, really) can be configured to
use a non-standard port, but not per-domain

  Jim Harrison
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Hey Chaps,
Quick question;
ISA 2004, Exchange 2003 (single). I've set up an SMTP relay for the
exchange domain, so the ISA machine is the MX for the domain, it
forwards all email for this particular domain on to the Exchange server
in question.  Unfortunately, for the next couple of days the exchange
server won't be able to receive/send on port 25. Now of course I could
just wait the couple of days and have it all working as normal, but I'm
a pretty impatient person, and I was just wondering if it was possible
for a virtal SMTP server to forward all email bound for a particular
smarthost, on a non-default SMTP port....... I'm aware that the
"Outbound connections" option can be adjusted to use a different port,
but this applies to the whole virtual SMTP server, and unfortunately it
handles some other domains that I've configured to forward to more
conventional smarthosts that I'd rather not mess with. 
So in short, my question: Is it possible for an ISA 2004 Virtual SMTP
server to forward mail for a remote domain to a particular smarthost on
a non standard port, while still using the default for other smarthosts?
I'm expecting the answer to be no, but I was just wondering if I missed
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