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  • From: "Greg Mulholland" <greg_mul@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Thu, 9 Jan 2003 09:30:21 +1100

Yes Edward you are sane!
As far as I know there are know changes to the gui
Greg Mulholland
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Subject: [isalist] Sanity Check
I only installed isafp1.exe on my ISA server, none of the other provided
.exe's. I also installed this file on my W2KPro workstation I access the
ISA server with.
I see no difference in appearance at all in the GUI interface of the
MMC, nor do I see any changed tabs, settings, etc in the SMTP filter
I am working on the assumption that the FP installed properly, but would
like a sanity check just in case the GUI should look different.
Everything looks the same, does it look the same to everyone else as
Ed Sullivan
Director of Information Services
esullivan@xxxxxxx <mailto:esullivan@xxxxxxx>
KMA Direct Communications
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