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Why isn't your ISA firewall a member of the domain?

What perceived security advantages does this confer viz. the making it a
member of the domain? 

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Hi Tom!
Thanks for reply.

There is following information in the document "ISA Server 2004/Exchange
Server Deployment Kit: Creating a Secure SMTP Relay on the ISA Server
Firewall using the SMTP Filter and Message Screener" :

"The SMTP service on the ISA Server 2004 firewall is configured to block
anonymous relay. However, the default setting is to allow users to relay
through the SMTP server if they can authenticate. Users with accounts in
the Internal network Active Directory can use their domain credentials
authenticate with the SMTP relay machine because the ISA Server 2004
firewall is a member of the Internal network domain."

But my ISA server is not a member of internal domain. In this case, how
can ISA server know about the existing domain users and mail addresses?
ISA cannot know them, SMTP relay cannot work.

Best Regards

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