RES: Firewall Client blocking network

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How are your protocol rules configured? One of these Win2k server is your ISA 
server? Are all servers and workstations on the same subnet? Is your LAT on the 
ISA server correctly configured?

Does the DHCP scope have enough addresses for all workstations? Did you create 
IP packet filter rules in order to allow ping, nslookup to be made outside?

Tiago de Aviz
IT Consultant

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 Hi everybody! I have a strange problem!
 Domain controllers - 2 Win2k servers, workstations Win98, Win2k and XP.
Everything works fine until I install the firewall client. After that,
things go crazy. Some computers cannot contact the DHCP server, some
cannot join the domain or acces network resources. Ping to outside does
not work, nslookup does not work, browser works. The happy case is when
only the net time does not work. Not ALL the computers show this symptoms,
only few, but the number grows slowly in time. If I remove the client
works fine but in some cases it didn't work so I reinstalled 3 computers.
The DHCP and DNS are not on the ISA machine!! We checked DHCP and DNS
config and it is fine. Any help is welcomed.

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