RE: Outbound Ping and PPTP POP3 SMTP ISA 2004 and default gateway - problem solved!!!!

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"Keyboard virus" - I like that, in fact I think I'll tell the family why
nothing worked properly for w week. We had a kewboard virus - oops its still


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> I have solved it eventually and let this be a lesson to all. I said that
> only change was upgrading from ISA 2000 (which worked well and I had
> quite adept with). However I had forgotten that at the same time as
> upgrading the ISA server I had moved DHCP from that box to another (I am
> only allowed a limited number of servers at home - that old Netfinity
> masquerading as a coffee table was seen through immediately!). Of course,
> course, of course, it's obvious now but I set up the scope options on the
> new DHCP server to give the default gateway and typed 192.169.  I only
> spotted it by looking really really closely at the ipconfig. This explains

You have no idea how many times a keyboard virus has caused me headaches.

John Tolmachoff
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