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We have the Minolta copiers here that do the same thing.  At the time I
simply set up another SMTP relay server just for the copiers.  I nice little
freebie one is Mercury/32 (  It runs on any NT/2000/98/etc
box.  It is very small (< 3MB) and very fast.  I just locked it down to only
accept mail from the copier IP's.  It took about 30-45 minutes total to set
it up and the users love it.  It just sat in the system tray and did its
thing.  I had been using it for about a year.  We now have a linux based
mail relay and spam control server so the Mercury solution has gone away.

Mercury is not natively an NT service, but you can make it one with the
tools (srvany) in the option packs.  Or you can just add Mercury to the
startup folder so that it starts with the server (But of course somebody has
to log onto the console after reboot).



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> A client just purchased and installed a Canon network
> copier/fax/scanner/document storage, etc, etc, etc; it does everything.
> One of the features is that a document can be scanned and sent via email
> directly from it. However, there is no provision for it to log into the
> domain. The only settings are for tcp/ip (including domain name) and
> smtp/pop3 account info.

Have you ever heard the phrase "Jack-of-all trades, master of none"? I am
yet to see or here of a all-in-one copier that truly works as desired on all

> The emails aren't being sent. The helpful error message simply says
> "error". Canon's wonderful support people were only able to tell me
> that, no it can't log into a domain. They suggested that I enable
> relaying on the MS Exchange server. Rather than do that I'd like to give
> this thing permission to use port 25 to send its email.

Some one that tells me to just set up my server for relaying, I would not
call wonderful. While you can set up Exchange to relay for one IP address, I
agree with you that is not desired.

John Tolmachoff MCSE, CSSA
IT Manager, Network Engineer
RelianceSoft, Inc.
Fullerton, CA  92835

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