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Hope Steve getting better 

I will pray for him

God Bless you, Steve

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  Hey everyone,


  I got a couple of notes from Steve Moffat. You should recognize him as the 
owner of isaserver.bm and author of excellent content filtering lists for ISA. 
He even helped Jim Harrison with the development of ISAtools.org. Steve is a 
great supporter of ISA and a closet supporter of ISA even when it’s on SBS. 
(sorry for outing you man!) He helped me out recently with a publishing issue 
that was driving me nuts! I know that he’s helped many of you here as well. 


  Anyway Steve had a heart attack a few days ago and has been medi-vac’d to 
Boston from his Bermuda for surgery. I’ve wished Steve all my best and I hope 
that you will too. We are after all a community.




  Amy Babinchak



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