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Hi Rick,

Check out: HOW TO: Configure the Simple Network Time Protocol on ISA
Server [Q323621] for dealing with network time sync.

I don't use McAfee, but I suspect it may be a permissions problem. Check
the Web Proxy and/or Firewall service logs and see what the error codes
might be.


Thomas W Shinder

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Hi Everybody,
Have just subscribed to and fantastic

I am involved with Administration of SBS2000 for a few clients,I am self
taught and have no formal qualifications within the IT industry only
personnel experience, so please bear with me!.
I have two problems at present that i think relate to ISAserver:
The first is time syncronization of my clients domains to internet time
servers, the SBS servers I have set up for clients all seem to work
brilliantly, but on all my setups in the event log I get the Error
on a yellow ticket. Can't remember the event ID number because i am
composing this message from home (sorry folks) but EventID Net says
something similar to," The Pdc is configured to syncronize with an
internet time server, but no server can be found" I have input many TS
addresses but with the same error report.
It seems to me that this may be a configuration problem related to
ISAserver Protocol Rules,Protocol Filters,Protocol Rules,etc.
NB. SBS 2000 Installed with all default settings.

Problem 2 I use Mcafee Active Virus Defence for virus protection,Virus
protection works very well and on previous Servers running SBS 4.5 auto
updating of AV dat files also worked well. After the migration to SBS
the auto update feature no longer functions.  I have no problem logging
to Mcafee's http web site and manually downloading the updates.

When I try an auto update our system seems to be able to contact the
update server which informs me that it is downloading the required files
(incremental update files) and always then promptly reports that ther
no updates available on the server. It is trying to do this updating via
an ftp site.

Any help or suggestions would be most welcome, I do have Dr Shinders
excellent book Configuring ISA Server 2000 but unless I'm missing
something (due to my lack of formal training)I can't seem to find the
answers I require.

Thanks in anticipation,

Rick Parsons
Problem 2 

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