ISA for firewall and security! than IWSS for?

  • From: "Faraz Hassan Khan" <f_hkhan@xxxxxxxxx>
  • To: isalist@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Wed, 8 Mar 2006 06:23:23 -0700

mathew_lijo: I am from India and work as a Assistant Manager for VSNL
Customer care

mathew_lijo: I know a lot of software... networking ... wireless LAN

f_hkhan: ok, have you worked on ISA?

mathew_lijo: dont feel anything

f_hkhan: have you worked on ISA?

mathew_lijo: Internet security

mathew_lijo: we IWS installed

mathew_lijo: and trend firewall

f_hkhan: hoooooooooo

f_hkhan: IWS i listned first time

f_hkhan: trend firewall = firewall of trend micro?

mathew_lijo: yeah

f_hkhan: IWS stands for?

mathew_lijo: Sorry its not IWS its IWSS InterScan Web Security Suite 

mathew_lijo: thats whats from Trend Micro 

mathew_lijo: and ISA for firewall and security

f_hkhan:  ISA for firewall and security! than IWSS for?

mathew_lijo: sorry dear getting confused

mathew_lijo: in middle of something

mathew_lijo: see IWSS blocks webusage

mathew_lijo: ISA for me keeps track of what going on the net from my
office. how is doing what
f_hkhan: hmmm, now i am confused

f_hkhan: well i think ISA can manage all of your security concerns...

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