ISA Server 2004 Content Rules

  • From: sean.allison@xxxxxxxxxxx
  • To: isalist@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Mon, 10 Jan 2005 04:57:10 -0700

Hi everyone

I am having a problem with a new ISA server 2004 install, which has
preplaced an ISA 2000 server.  The problem is this:

My customer wants to block downloads of EXE files, so I create a rule that
denys users access to sites with a specific application content. 
Following this rule is one that allows all internal users access to HTTP,
and this all appears to work fine - attempts to download EXE files are
blocked and all other browsing works fine - almost!  If a user then goes
to and selects any flight
combination and clicks 'Show flights', a blank page is displayed.  Turning
off the content rule allows this to work.  However, just about any
configuration within the content rule (eg, block videos) stops the POST
function working in the easyjet website.  This behaviour also manifests
itself on many other sites, such as search forms etc.  Any ideas?

I am new to the list so apologies if this has previously been covered.



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