RE: ISA 2000 Cache Mode

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  • Date: Wed, 1 Sep 2004 12:47:32 +0100

Outgoing port 1863 is all that is needed


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Please assist. I have tried to tried to set IM to use the internal
interface of the pix firewall as the address to route the traffic to. I
tested prots 8080, 80 11863, 1863 however non of the works. should I
test any of the socks setting? If so what config would I use.

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        Good morning guys.
        This is where we are.
        The isa server is installed natted private/public address. If
pc's don't
        use the proxy then they are able to use MSN. All pc's are behind
a pix
        515 firewall.
        After chatting to Ricky from yesterday. He also
        that I should bypass the proxy by setting up IM to pass traffic
thru to
        the Pix. I will be testing this today and will send out an
        As per Troy:
        If it's in Cache only mode, then there isn't a firewall to stop
it from
        I agree the isa server in my opinion should not be blocking this
as the
        server is in Cache mode. However when user browse via the pix
they don't
        have issues. Meaning the pix ports are opened. Still don't
        why it gets blocked. I have an idea that the ISA is designed in
a way
        that if you say "All destinations" then only applies to
        listed in Protocol definitions.
        Thank guys for the assistance.

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